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possible untidy route

From: pat hayes <phayes@ai.uwf.edu>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 12:38:21 +0100
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To: w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org

I hesitate to tread into this yet again lest I fall through the 
crust, but heres an idea which might just keep everyone happy. It is 
a variant on the old idea of semantically untidy literals, but it 
still supports the critical tidy-style entailment.

In our test-case style, here are the entailments you would get.

Jenny ex:age '10' .
ex:movie ex:title '10' .


Jenny ex:age _:x .
ex:movie ex:title _:x .

BUT if you also say (ignore syntactic details)

ex:age dtyperange xsd:integer .
ex:title dtyperange xsd:string .

then that is OK, and now you can infer

Jenny ex:age _:y .
_:y xsd:integer '10' .

ex:movie ex:title _:z .
_:z xsd:string '10' .

Obviously _:y isn't the same as _:z. The cost is, that _:x isn't the 
same as either of them. In fact, _:x can't be a datatype value for 
*any* datatype. Think of it as a kind of generic exemplar for the set 
of all the possible datatype values, or something like that. Still, 
it *exists*.

This could work with lexically tidy literals, but it would be classed 
as semantically untidy, I guess. But it would be easy to tweak the MT 
to allow this.

Any takers? Questions?


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