Minutes: telecon 2002-11-22



	This week jang (daveb assisted)
	Next week, jjc.

Roll call:
   Dave Beckett
   Dan Brickley
   Jeremy Carroll
   Dan Connolly
   Jos De Roo
   Jan Grant (scribe)
   Pat Hayes
   Frank Manola
   Brian McBride (chair)
   Eric Miller
   Steve Petschulat
   Patrick Stickler
   Aaron Swartz

   Mike Dean, Graham Klyne

Review agenda:
   No AOB.

Next telecon:
   Most WG members will be available, so the next telecon is
   scheduled for 10am Boston time, 29 November.

Minutes of last telecon:

Confirm status of completed actions:

Item 7: Test cases.
   [the rest of the telecon was devoted to the datatype test cases]

  The datatype test case discussion was long and involved (see
  transcript). Outcomes:

Pending editorial changes and small fixes, the test cases were approved,
barring the cross-datatype entailment (although general feeling was
that it also held). A decision on that was held back pending further email

ACTION 2002-11-22#1 (jang) ensure test cases themselves are named using
	frag IDs (see jjc's OWL test cases)

ACTION 2002-11-22#2 (jang) [test case fix] remove RDFS entailment rules
	from the language-ignored-for-numeric-types cases.

ACTION 2002-11-22#3 (path, jjc) Tie MT datatype to the sec that points
	out language isn't important to DT entailment
	thatexcept for rdf:XMLLiteral

ACTION 2002-11-22#4 (jjc) create an example.org DT-entailment
	showing that language is not relevant.

ACTION 2002-11-22#5 (jjc) check that RDF Concepts does not allow a
	synonym for rdf:XMLLiteral

ACTION 2002-11-22#6 (danc) review RDF Semantics, with a particular view
	to "define a language, not a software spec"

ACTION 2002-11-22#7 (jang) DT test case: range clashing with DT

There was discussion as to whether our current treatment of the
interaction of datatyped literals and language could be improved.

ACTION 2002-11-22#8 (jjc) Liase with I18N people on whether they're
	happy with the DT/language setup as it is.

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