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covering RDF applications in Primer

From: Frank Manola <fmanola@mitre.org>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 12:40:56 -0500
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Your second "Critical Issue" has to do with removing a whole application 
section (6.4, on Intelligent Routing), and in commenting on Section 6.5, 
you wrote:

"Maybe I'm off base with what we are trying to do here. I can understand 
picking an example application of RDF and going through showing how it 
uses RDF features. I can understand having a list of real uses of RDF 
with brief (1 para) descriptions of them and links off to more material 
about them.

I'm not sure I grok what's going on here though. So I figure I better 
shut up till I do, as my detailed comments are unlikely to be useful."

I'm prepared to have yet another go at rewriting the first part of 
section 6.4 to be less "salesy" if you want;  however, I think desribing 
the Reuters Health application (the last half) is pretty useful.

On a more general note, we've gotten a number of favorable comments 
about the inclusion of actual detail about real RDF applications, and 
what the RDF actually looks like.  When I talk to people about RDF, 
about the first question that comes up is where is it actually used? 
And mostly it's not convincing to respond with just a list of names. 
And most of them seem surprised that these sorts of applications exist. 
  I understand this isn't entirely consistent with some views of what a 
"Primer" is doing (as you've suggested), but my impression is/was that 
some people on the WG certainly wanted this sort of material (like those 
who volunteered some of it in the first place).

Also, I'm wondering why this is "critical".  A fairly extensive 
application section was in the initial Primer WD (April;  and most of 
the new material since then has been there since the end of August, and 
the WG knew about it even if it wasn't published as a WD).  I appreciate 
that new issues arise, but if there's this fundamental question about 
the goal of an application section, it sure could have been raised earlier.

At any rate, before I take a wholesale axe to the applications 
(particularly if it's going to be mandatory), I want some detailed 
comments on how and what to shorten/cut from several people.  I don't 
want anyone saying "where did all the applications stuff go" later on.



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