Re: notation for literals

>>>Dave Beckett said:
> In terms of N-Triples

I got that wrong in several places.  Another attempt

    "abc" equals "abc"
    "abc" does not equal "abcd"

    "abc"-fr equals "abc"-FR
    "abc"-fr does not equal "abc"-en

    "abc" does not equal xml"abc"

    "abc"-fr does not equal xml"abc"-fr

    xml"<em>abc</em>" equals xml"<em>abc</em>"
    xml"<em>abc</em>" does not equal xml"<em>abcd</em>"
    xml"<em>abc</em>"-en equals xml"<em>abc</em>"-en
    xml"<em>abc</em>"-en equals xml"<em>abc</em>"-EN

    xml"<em>abc</em>"-en does not equal xml"<em>abc</em>"-fr

and I forgot to mention; this assumes the xml literals are already in
exclusive canonical form.


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