Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2001-12-07

10:00:00 Fri Dec 07 2001 in America/New York

which is equivalent to
15:00:00 Fri Dec 07 2001 in Europe/London
00:00:00 Sat Dec 08 2001 in Asia/Seoul

Phone: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)#7332   @@@ NEW NUMBER @@@
irc: #rdfcore

1: Allocate scribe

2: Roll Call

3: Review Agenda

4: Next telecon - 10am Boston time, 14 Dec 2001

5: Review Minutes of 2001-11-30 with correction 


6: Confirm Status of Completed Actions

ACTION: 2001-10-19#2 JanG
produce proposal on Entailment tests and test Manifest for 26/10/2001


ACTION: 2001-10-19#3 Jos
 Create test cases for "model" issues resolved at f2f


ACTION: 2001-11-02#1 Sergey
Collaborate with Pat and Jeremy to prepare a document (initially for circulation to WG, then beyond) outlining in a "primer" each of the proposals for datatyping, together with examples of how the approach would work with a few use cases. 


ACTION: 2001-11-16#2 Brian
new test case from Jos to go onto future telecon agenda.

ACTION: 2001-11-16#3 Jos
Send pointer to new test case to Brian.


ACTION: 2001-11-16#6 Aaron
to resubmit alternative proposal based on MIME type for further discussion.


ACTION: 2001-11-16#8 Sergey
Get datatype discussion document to WG as soon as possible


ACTION: 2001-11-16#10 Jeremy
raise compatibility issues concerning schemes S and P with the WebOnt working group.


ACTION: 2001-11-16#11 MikeD
raise compatibility issues concerning schemes S and P with the DAML+OIL joint committee.

ACTION: 2001-11-30#2 Pat Hayes
Review rdfs-transitive-subSubProperty test cases


ACTION: 2001-11-30#5 Dave Beckett
Create test case showing that the 2nd URL in Para 196 is permitted.


ACTION: 2001-11-30#8 Dan Connolly
Write up Perl datatyping proposal as e-mail to group.


7: Holiday Schedule
Propose 14th Dec is last telecon this year.  First of the new year will be 11th Jan


8: Status of Primer

9: Status of Model Theory
2001-11-16#5 PatH  Post updated copy of model theory, with datatype discussion elided, for group review by Wednesday 21-Nov-2001

10: Status of Syntax WD

11: CVS Access to W3C
ACTION: 2001-11-30#3 Jan Grant Get access to test case areas of W3C site

12: Status of action 2001-11-16#7
ACTION 2001-11-16#7 Pat Hayes following email discussion of rdfms-boolean-valued-properties, prepare new statement of this resolution to bring back for approval.

13: Issue: rdfs-transitive-subSubProperty
Propose Approve test case
ACTION 2001-11-30#1 DanC Review rdfs-transitive-subSubProperty test cases.
ACTION 2001-11-30#2 PatH Review rdfs-transitive-subSubProperty test cases.


14: Review test cases on para 196
ACTION: 2001-11-30#5 Dave Beckett Create test case showing that the 2nd URL in Para 196 is permitted.


15: Issue: #rdfms-difference-between-ID-and-about
Propose the WG:

  o  resolves that rdf:ID="attr" is an abbreviation for rdf:about="#attr"

  o  action ??? to create a test case


16: Issue rdfms-aboutEach

It has been suggested:

  o  the WG resolves to remove rdf:aboutEach from the language on the grounds
    - it is not used
    - it is not widely implemented
    - it has confusing interactions with bagID as recorded in
    - it does not scale as parsers have to save state
    - this is the wrong layer in which to implemenent such functionality

  o Action DaveB remove from the grammar in the RDF/XML Syntax document

  o Action Brian update the issues list, especially Attention Developers

Alternatively, it has been suggested that we are straying beyond
the borders of our charter in removing it, and it can be useful.

Propose, on the grounds that it does not seem to be harmful
that it should be retained.

17: Datatypes
Action 2001-11-16#9 FrankM Clarify the architectural and other broader concerns with any datatyping scheme that must be considered.

Action 2001-11-30#6 MikeD Sumamrise Joint Committee position, confirm with them, circulate to us.

Action 2001-11-30#7 Pat Hayes Write up P for inclusion in Sergey's document

Action 2001-11-30#9 Jeremy Carroll Write up XML Schema structures datatyping proposal as e-mail to group.

The chair would like a schedule for completing the document.

Discuss the PL proposal:  Do we still think its a runner?


18: Issue: rdfms-assertion
Discuss current status


19: Semantics of Reification - what progress

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