RE: Last Call

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this updated draft.  My previous
suggestions seem to have been addressed quite well in this version.  I have
a few new questions:

*	In section 2.1 (with regard to the third paragraph), please confirm
that comments in the internal subset are always discarded, regardless of any
Boolean flag controlling overall handling of comment nodes.  Words to this
effect may be a worthwhile addition to this section.
*	In the bullets near the end of section 2.2, the term "sorted
lexicographically" is ambiguous.  Do you mean that namespace and attribute
nodes are output in order from least to greatest lexicographically?  Or,
greatest to least?  (The later examples show the first.)
*	In the same bullets, why are attribute nodes output using an order
derived from the namespace URI values?  Such a requirement seems more
appropriate if the Canonical XML recommendation includes namespace
re-writing rules.  As things are now, why not sort the attributes using the
namespace prefix as the primary key?
*	In the last two bullets in section 2.3, the addition of leading #xA
characters according to the given rules will add such characters in most
contexts.  Comments and processing instructions are likely to occur within
the document and will thus have a greater document order than the document
element.  I believe you meant to limit this addition to processing
instructions and comment nodes with a greater document order than the end of
the document element.
*	As an example of the previous point, the "Canonical Form
(commented)" example in the table of section 3.1 should (according to the
existing rules) have a leading #xA prior to "Comment 1."
*	Since validating XML processors are required to normalize (remove)
any leading or trailing whitespace in an attribute value where that
attribute is declared to be of a type other than CDATA, the canonical form
for the normId element in section 3.4 should be <normId id="'
&#xD;&#xA;&#x9; '"></normId>.  That is, this example should not have a space
between the enclosing quotation marks and the first and last apostrophes.

Doug Bunting
cXML Standards Manager
Ariba, Inc. 
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Hi all,
You are getting this email because the new September 7 version of C14N [1]
addresses last call issues that include changes based on your feedback.  It
would be very helpful if you could have a look at the last call issues list
[2], read the resolutions, and send an email to the dsig group to indicate
either that you are satisfied that your issue was resolved or if you require
further changes.  
PLEASE SEND YOUR RESPONSE TO THE DSIG GROUP so I can provide links from the
last call document to your affirmation.
Thanks for your patience and kind attention to this matter.  We would like
to submit for candidate recommendation next week, so if you could cut some
time out of this week to do this, I would really appreciate it.  
	 John Boyer
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