Re: TALLY and New POLL: Fwd: Proposal RE: Poll: Relative URIs and Strings in xmlns attributes

At 00/09/22 16:28 -0400, Joseph M. Reagle Jr. wrote:
>So the results of recent discussion on this topic were rather 
>muddled/mixed which is not surprising given the state of the issue 
><smile>. Our own discussion was split [2] with some confusion regarding 
>the meaning of "unspecified". Additionally, the brief discussion at the 
>XML Plenary meeting didn't give us an inescapable argument either [1].
>However, I think John's recently analysis [2,c] is delightfully unmuddled 
>(just two variables and their enumeration).

Hello Joseph,

I fully agree to go with your and John's conclusions.

Regards,   Martin.

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