Mixed Content Model for Transform?

Hi all!

I have asked this question some time ago, but I cannot remember if
there has been an answer to it. So please apologize if you feel a
bit bored ;-)

Why is the content model chosen for the Transform element "mixed"?
All other elements which describe an Algorithm, like 

* SignatureMethod
* DigestMethod
* CanonicalizationMethod

are useing the same structure, except that their content model
is "elementOnly". My way of thinking is that if I would like to
specify parameters for an algorithm, I have do invent an Elemenent
which I can then put into the Transform Element representing the

Why is it allowed to specify text as parameter content for a 
Transform, whereas it is forbidden for all other types of algorithms?

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Received on Thursday, 31 August 2000 07:36:22 UTC