C14n and inherited namespaces (again) (sorry)


I think my brain is on vacation at the moment. Or maybe this has been
addressed and fixed in the working copy of this document. Or brought
up before and solved. But...


1) "An element E has namespace nodes that represent its namespace
    declarations, any namespace declarations made by its ancestor
    that have not been overridden in E's declaration, [...]"

2) "Namespace Axis- [...] Then, process each namespace node that is in
    the element's namespace axis and in the node-set [...]"

If I have a reference #foo then no inherited namespace attributes
will be in the node set, so 2) cuts/wraps/blunts 1). But I'm missing

In the trivial case of #bar we can probably use words. But what if
I have an XPath 'id("baz")//.'? What namespace attributes happen?

Propagating all inherited namespace attributes into all elements
in the document before processing solves the problem poorly.

Also, 1) refers to "namespace nodes" and 2) to "namespace axis"; are
these the same? If so, the words should probably be the same.

I'm sorry, I'm just a bit confused these days.


Received on Wednesday, 30 August 2000 13:10:03 UTC