Re: "final" RetrievalMethod

At 12:26 8/28/2000 +0100, merlin wrote:
 >The DTD has an 'Encoding' attribute, it should be 'Type'.
 >I presume that a request for a type allocation for a
 >raw X.509 certificate would meet with resistance?

I'm trying to do an edit now and I'm running into this problem. It's not
satisfactory to say, "URI consisting of ""
suffixed with a
KeyInfo sub-element type." We actually have to create URIs for all the
KeyInfo types now, and what happens if someone wants to Retrieve something
that we haven't defined? It's well known that I don't like these Reference
and RetrievalMethod types, but given that it's required, it seems bogus to
limit people to only our types and I don't want to define every type out
there in our spec!

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Received on Tuesday, 29 August 2000 16:23:31 UTC