C14n and Default namespace

Hello all,

I am writing to ask (esp. implementers) about the feasibility of a
behavioral tweak to c14n.

In the XPath data model, a non-empty default namespace is represented by a
namespace node, but an empty default namespace is represented by the absence
of a namespace node.

Therefore, when there is no default namespace node in a node-set, we cannot
tell whether that is so because it was excluded or because the namespace
declaration is actually empty.

To deal with this issue, I start out the namespace context of every element
by putting xmlns="" if the element has no default namespace.  Someone
expressed minor annoyance over the verbosity of this.

Question is, do you want it changed to the following:

If there is no default namespace node, then
    if the parent is omitted from the node-set or if the parent's default
namespace is non-empty, then generate an xmlns=""


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Received on Monday, 28 August 2000 19:58:05 UTC