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I guess I wasn't clear below (although I think the element
declaration is).  Any of the first three triplet can be
included, but only one of each.

The CRL issue is interesting though.  I have to admit that I have
not thought about the best way to include the CRL.  However, I do
think that the other parts of the element declaration below make


On Thu, 17 Aug 2000 tgindin@us.ibm.com wrote:

>      I have some difficulty with this.  It is perfectly legitimate to
> include more than one of the first triplet (Issuer+Serial, SKI, and
> Subject).  In fact, it is both normal and advisable to include Subject
> and
> SKI together.  X509CRL, when found by itself, does not specify a
> certificate at all - so it makes sense with either Issuer+Serial or
> Certificate.
>           Tom Gindin
> Kevin Regan <kevinr@valicert.com>@w3.org on 08/17/2000 04:28:01 PM
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> Subject:  thoughts on X509Data
> I want to share one final thought about X509Data.  When creating a
> KeyName,
> KeyValue,
> PGPData, MgmtData, RetrievalMethod, etc., we are referring to the data
> for
> exactly one key.
> However, with X509Data, we can refer to a multitude of
> keys/certificates.
> I propose that
> we bring X509Data (back) in line with all the other KeyInfo elements. 
> This
> would make a lot
> more sense for implementations that come across an X509Data element.  If
> we
> restrict
> each X509Data element to refer to only a single certificate, we offer
> consistency with all
> the other KeyInfo elements.  Without this, X509Data becomes somewhat of
> an
> anomaly.
> To this end, I propose the following:
> <!ELEMENT X509Data ( (X509IssuerSerial?, X509SKI?, X509SubjectName?) |
> X509Certificate | X509CRL )>
> In other words, either one of X509IssuerSerial, X509SKI, or
> X509SubjectName
> (in order), or one X509Certificate, or
> one X509CRL.  This seems much more consistent with the other KeyInfo
> elements and is much easier
> to deal with conceptually, from an API standpoint, and for
> implementations.
> --Kevin

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