The XSLT spec requires XSLT processors to create a "result tree".  How and
whether an XSLT processor writes the "result tree" is up to the processor
After processing with XSLT and before signing, applications SHOULD
canonicalize the output from the result tree.  

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I've often wondered, how open-ended is XSLT regarding the output.
Are there permissible implementation differences that are not covered off by
throwing a c14n transform after (or before and after)?
Or rather, is there an XSLT conformance mode that guarantees any
implementation adhering to that mode produces the exact same output (except
possibly for differences that can be corrected by c14n, and possibly only if
the input is canonicalized)?
Or is it the case, for example, that random extra whitespace may be added
outside of start tags by some processors and not by others?
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