Re: Determining attribute uniqueness seems to require namespace prefix in Infoset

John Boyer wrote:
> This means if I put an HTML island in the middle of some XML by adding
> xmlns="" to the html tag, then when I want
> the href of some anchor, I cannot simply say
> 'get("", href)'.  I must instead say
> 1) get("", href)
> 2) if that fails, then get("", href)

I don't know why you're looking for a qualified form
of the href attribute. There just isn't one.

I could see:
	get("", "a", "href")

	get("", "link", "href")

But it seems that your get() method is called when you
already have an element in mind:
	getElt("", "a").getAttr("", "href")

or, in XPath syntax, with html: suitably bound:

as opposed to

which doesn't make much sense, since
there's no href attribute on the p element, for example.

It might make sense to look for qualified forms of
the so-called "global attributes":
	get("", "style")
or in XPath:	*/@html:style

but the XHTML namespace name isn't specified to
work that way (yet, at least).

> Once again... Yikes!

I think you've somehow latched on to the idea
that attributes need to be associated with
namespace names in order to make sense. They just
don't, any more than C structure field names
need to be globally qualified.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Monday, 14 August 2000 01:54:00 UTC