Errors in the XML-Signature spec. examples (Namespace defaulting for attributes)

Hi Joseph & Merlin,

while trying to verify Merlins signature examples with our implementation,
I detected the following problem, which applies to Merlins examples as
well as to the examples in the XML-Signature specification in chapter 2.

All the examples are constructed in the following way: A default namespace
attribute is declared in the Signature element (see line [s01] in chapter
which should apply to all descendants as well.

The problem is, that a default namespace does not apply to descendant
attributes, but only descendant elements

I suggest to assign the XML-Signature namespace via a explicit namespace
attribute (line [s01] could look like


Regards, Gregor
Gregor Karlinger
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Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications

Received on Friday, 11 August 2000 06:20:40 UTC