RE: XML Encryption strawman proposal

Thanks, Ed, for posting this. 

I have been working with Joseph Reagle to prepare a W3C Briefing
Package/Proposal for a W3C working group on XML Encryption, and there's
a lot of interest. So, we are planning an informal meeting to discuss
requirements, syntax, and this strawman proposal immediately after
Crypto 2000, UCSB Campus, Anacapa Hall Formal Lounge, Thursday, 8/24,
1:30 PM. If you're interested in working on XML encryption, please join


(Note: this is not an official W3C activity.)

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I've cross-posted this message because the XML Encryption proposal
a look at how it could work with XML Signatures for data that is both

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> During the IETF48 meeting in Pittsburgh last week, there was an
> get-together of
> several people to discuss chartering an XML Encryption effort within
> W3C.
> After the meeting, Brian LaMacchia sent me his example of a possible
> format for the algorithm 
> and keying information and I began documenting whatever thoughts about
> XML Encryption architecture entered my stream of consciousness.
> Attached is the merged result.  This is, obviously, a very initial
> document, but we
> would appreciate hearing what you think.
>  <<xmlencoverview.html>> 
> Ed

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