Omission of the XML Version in C14N

The last call perior for the new C14N WD is over.  I should have
raised one issue.

Canonicalized documents do not contain XML declarations.  
Is this OK?

First, XML should allow some of the newly-introducedcharacters of
Unicode 3.0 as name characters.  If we introduce them in V1.1 of XML,
validity (e.g., NMTOKEN) of an XML document will be dependent on the
XML version.

Second, Unicode character properties may vary, and thus the same
Unicode-aware regular expression of XML Schema Part 2 may behave
differently for different versions of XML.

Even if the XML version info is absent from APIs such as SAX and DOM, 
should we always generate <?xml version="1.0"?>?


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International University of Japan, Research Institute

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Received on Tuesday, 1 August 2000 17:27:03 UTC