I18N Last Call comments on Canonical XML

Hello John, dear XMLDSig WG,

Here are some i18n last call comments on Canonical XML.
Sorry for the delay.

- Canonical XML should include and xml declaration with
   the version information. This is important because
   there is some chance that a future version of XML
   will be defined to allow newly encoded characters
   in Unicode to be used in element/attribute names
   (e.g. Mongolian, Khmer,...).

- Various things that were added to XML Signature
   have to be added here, too:

   - UTF-8 doesn't have a BOM
   - For conversion, please be careful (see Japanese
     XML profile, http://www.w3.org/TR/japanese-xml/).

   For details and text, please see some recent mail
   and the XML Signature spec.

- 'a UTF-8 encoding': There is only one UTF-8. Change
   e.g. to 'encoded as UTF-8'.

- Appendix A.1 should not use the word 'recommended'
   for the [CharModel] document, as that document is
   not (yet, I hope) a recommendation.

- Appendix A.1 should specifically say that security
   concerns were responsible for removing character

- The special provisions for xml:lang (and xml:space)
   on document subsets are appreciated.

Regards,    Martin.

Received on Tuesday, 1 August 2000 05:24:20 UTC