RE: AW: Errors and Questions

I've been including a certificate chain in a separate portion of the XML
document (not within KeyInfo).  I've also been placing a
in KeyInfo to allow my application to find the appropriate certificate
in the document.  It would be as convenient for me to simply include an
XML ID inside KeyInfo that points to the first certificate in the chain.
Is there any way to express a KeyInfo item as a simple XML ID?  Possibly
using RetrievalMethod or something else?


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At 13:58 7/28/2000 -0700, Brian LaMacchia wrote:
 >The fact that we are continuing to have problems settling on a schema
 >X509Data this late in the game causes me to reconsider including
 >the core DSIG specification.  

I think that is an interesting proposal. As a point of history, I
believe we
introduced these as place-holders and examples such that readers could
how to use KeyInfo for things beyond RSA and DSA. But as time went on
people used those examples we refined what we had. However, we are
approaching a point that is out of scope.

 >XMLDSIG and I fear it will hold up progression of the standard.  If
 >folks agree we should discuss this in Pittsburgh next week.

I'll include it in my list of issues to discuss on Thursday.

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