RE: Errors and Questions

[Barb/Brian: I'm deferring GK13-16,20 to you.]

 > [GK13]Why key(s) and not key? How can more than
 >exacly one key be used?

I believe that might be because more than one key might be required for
trust, but not for Signature validation, so I'd agree with you. Barbara?

[Barb] Multiple declarations refer to the same key - which we state.
"Keys" should be changed to "key." 

 > [GK14]How can more than exacly one key be used?

Barbara?  [Barb]  This is an error. It should be a single key. 

 > [GK15]Here the value for exactly one key can be

Yes, the schema and prose are in conflict.  [Barb]  agree. 

 > [GK16]Right: minOccurs='0'  [Barb] agree

 > [GK20]Only a single certificate possible here?  [Barb]  Yes. One per

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