RE: no newlines after end-element tags in c14n ?

Hi Anli,

The newlines are included.  They are represented by text nodes in the XPath
data model, so we don't need to add extra linefeeds to get the multiline

So, if the document element and all its content are on one line, then so it
will be in the output, but if the document element contains new lines, they
will appear in the output.

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Subject: no newlines after end-element tags in c14n ?

The new canonicalization does not seem to specify whether
a newline is appended after end-element tags.  It mentions those
after processing instructions and comments, though.

Does this mean that the canonical output would be a single line,
unpleasant to the eye like:

<root attrib1="dsadsa"><son

I would have expected something along the lines of

<root attrib1="dsadsa">
<son attr="fdsfds">

Am I overlooking something pretty obvious ?

Anli Shundi

Institute for Data Communications Systems
University of Siegen

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