iLumin and XML Dig Sigs


  Per the language on the site:

To the best of my knowledge, iLumin has patent applications pending
regarding the signing of XML and other digital documents.

  Thanks for your direction on this.


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At 08:57 7/18/00 -0600, Toby wrote:
 >  I am on the IETF/W3C XML-DSig WG.  I also work for iLumin Corp, which is
 >noted in the e-mail below.  (Additionally I work for the Utah State Bar).
 >  I wanted to let you know that I am available to help in dealing with any
 >issues involving iLumin and W3C efforts.  Feel free to contact me via
 >or phone at 801.297.7027
 >  Thank you.
Hi Toby,

Basically, we encourage companies to make the appropriate disclosures to
prevent design bias and submarine patents. Please see [1], specifically
[2,3]. If ILumin has any patents relevant to the W3C/IETF XML Signature
work, please disclose it in compliance with the referenced policies.

[3] {Section 10.3.2}

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