Re: Summary of "working group meeting"

On Mar 16, 2005, at 5:22 PM, Jim Whitehead wrote:

> My personal feeling is that this working group needs firm direction 
> from its
> chairs on what to work on next, and it also needs commitment to get
> completed drafts through the approval process. I've volunteered to 
> work on
> the bind specification to get it to RFC status. Beyond this, the most
> constructive step is to determine which draft to work on next.

Hi Jim,  this is great.  I appreciate your willingness to work on this 
and look forward to seeing your draft.  The other thing we'll need to 
finish Bind is a couple of serious reviews.

> My vote is for the quota protocol, since we have at least two very
> interested implementors who want to see this completed.

That sounds good to me, also because the quota protocol is quite 
simple.  Again, we need a couple reviews to finish this one off.   Jim 
Luther, are you still out there?  With your early involvement in quota, 
it would be great to have a review now, even if there are no design 
issues. (At this point, finding nits is also needed).  Anybody else?


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