Re: draft-reschke-http-addmember-00

Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Julian Reschke wrote:
>>>You're missing that when you are doing CalDAV* requests, you _know_ the
>>>URL you are accessing is CalDAV compliant already.  (* - example).
>>How does a client do *any* kind of server feature discovery if *any* 
>>method (including things like OPTIONS) may cause harm because of broken 
>>server implementations?
> Even when you can trust OPTIONS, that's not going to tell you if it's
> a CalDAV resource - only what methods are accepted.

I'm not interested whether it's a CalDAV resource. I'm interested in 
whether it supports ADDMEMBER.

> You do feature discovery - in other words, which URL points to a
> calendar - in other ways.
>>>If you don't know that you have big problems.
>>Such as?
> Such as trying to treat a non-calendar resource as a calender! :)

And the problem resulting from that would be what exactly? A CalDAV 
calendar (as currently proposed) is just a WebDAV collection with some 
specific features.


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