RE: [Ietf-caldav] [Fwd: draft-reschke-http-addmember-00]

A few comments on extending the functionality defined in -addmember-00:

1) One problem clients currently encounter with PUT is determining whether
they have permission to write to a specific location. At present, a client
must submit a PUT (or ADDMEMBER) with the entire entity body, then wait for
the response, or the authentication challenge. It would be very nice to have
a TESTPUT/TESTADDMEMBER method that sees whether a write (via PUT or
ADDMEMBER) would succeed, or if an authentication challenge is needed.

Yes, a server supporting ACLs could be queries to see if writing were
allowed, but it still doesn't provide an easy way to pre-determine the
authentication information.

2) It would be very helpful to allow ADDMEMBER to have atomic PUT+PROPPATCH
capabilities, to write both the resource and its metadata in one action.

- Jim

Received on Thursday, 17 February 2005 21:05:11 UTC