Re: [Bug 74] New: Remove UUID generation instructions


for "draft-reschke-webdav-locking", I'm tracking this as 
and rewrote the section like this:

Appendix D.  'opaquelocktoken' URI Scheme

    The opaquelocktoken URI scheme is designed to be unique across all
    resources for all time.  Due to this uniqueness quality, a client may
    submit an opaque lock token in an If header on a resource other than
    the one that returned it.

    All resources MUST recognize the opaquelocktoken scheme and, at
    minimum, recognize that the lock token does not refer to an
    outstanding lock on the resource.

    In order to guarantee uniqueness across all resources for all time
    the opaquelocktoken requires the use of the Universal Unique
    Identifier (UUID) mechanism, as described in Section 4 of

      OpaqueLockToken-URI = "opaquelocktoken:" UUID [path]
      ; UUID: see [draft-mealling-uuid-urn], Section 3.
      ; path: see [RFC3986], Section 3.3.

This change gets rid of 2 pages of spec text that this WG can't do as 
good as the URN UUID authors anyway; and also replaces an ISO spec 
reference with a reference to an IETF standards track document.

I propose the same resolution in RFC2518bis. Feedback appreciated,


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Received on Sunday, 6 February 2005 15:34:53 UTC