Re: BIND and access control lists

Lisa Dusseault wrote:
> Let's say the user creates resource 'myresume.doc' and puts it into a 
> collection ''.  Further, let's say that 
> the public nature of this collection involves inherited permissions 
> which make the new document publicly readable.
> In step 2, the user does a BIND to also bind  'myresume.doc' into 
> ''.  This new location is a private 
> folder, but let's assume that 'myresume.doc' remains publicly readable 
> because of its membership in the public folder.  (This is where the BIND 
> language would come in but this behavior seems consistent with that.)
> In step 3, when the user does UNBIND and removes the binding into the 
> public collection, does the document remain public?  That's the question 
> for which I'm looking for additional specification requirements.

I guess all we can say is that we don't know, just like for MOVE, BIND 

But if this is the case for UNBIND, it also applies to DELETE. So should 
we state that?

Best regards, Julian

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