Re: BIND and access control lists

Geoffrey M Clemm wrote:
> The statement that would be consistent with 3744 would be
> "BIND is the same as MOVE with respect to the DAV:acl property".  

...same for REBIND...

> (I prefer to state it that way, rather than copying the
> paragraphs from 3744, since that allows us to modify
> DAV:acl behavior in 3744bis without having to revise the
> binding specification).


> If nobody objects to that behavior, then I am happy to add
> that sentence to the BIND specification.

So where should that statement go (or these statements when we include 
UNBIND)? Should we insert a new top-level paragraph stating the behaviour?

> If anyone objects to that behavior, then that is an issue
> against 3744, and then I believe the BIND specification
> should remain silent on the topic, and the issue should be raised
> against 3744 for resolution.


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