Re: WG Last call for BIND

Joe Hildebrand wrote:

> This e-mail serves as the Working Group Last Call for BIND:


Procedural questions...:

> Here is the process we are going to use:
> - Issues entered into the issue tracker: 
> - Discuss issues on the list by replying to the issue e-mail
> - If you believe you have the resolution of the issue, attach it as a 
> comment on the tracker
> - If you agree with the issue, vote for it on the tracker

If I disagree, then....?

> - The issue opener may close the issue, if the vote count is still 0
> - If the vote count is >0, only a working group chair or person 
> designated by the chair may close the issue
> - Issues will be closed when consensus is achieved on the issue being 
> resolved

Shouldn't that be "rough consensus"? As far as I can tell, I expect that 
there'll be issues for which we definitively won't reach consensus, 
judging from past discussions.

> - Once an issue is closed according to this process, it may not be reopened
> - If you still have outstanding issues that were closed, that you 
> believe are still an issue, reopen the issue, and we will use these 
> rules to close them

Nit: that seems to say that an issue may not be re-opened unless 
somebody feels it needs to :-)

> - Issues that have 0 votes at the end of last call will be closed 
> automatically

Are votes from the issue opener counted?

> The vote count is not a 'majority wins' sort of vote, but hopefully will 
> allow some of those who want to register concern to be able to do so in 
> a relatively low-effort way.

As there doesn't seem to be a way to vote against an issue, this doesn't 
seem to work.

> Last call will go on for three weeks, ending at 12 noon GMT February 2, 
> 2005.

Best regards, Julian

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