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Re: FW: I-D ACTION:draft-dusseault-dav-quota-01.txt

From: Jim Luther <luther.j@apple.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 12:01:05 -0700
To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org
Message-Id: <F2C01404-E782-11D6-9BC1-0003934B6A22@apple.com>

On Thursday, October 24, 2002, at 10:20 AM, Clemm, Geoff wrote:

> Apple's existing properties should not conflict with DAV:quota or  
> DAV:quotaused, since they shouldn't be in the DAV: namespace (surely  
> Apple would not have defined non-standard properties in the DAV:  
> namespace :-).

On Thursday, October 24, 2002, at 10:25 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:

> WebDAV properties are identified using namespaces. Just do not add
> properties in namespaces you don't control.

Surely I wouldn't do that (because I've read the RFC and understand how  
to add non-standard properties to a namespace Apple owns -- for  
example, http://www.apple.com/webdav_fs/props/). However, Apple had  
already shipped products using non-standard properties in the DAV:  
namespace before I had anything to do with WebDAV.

I asked Lisa to revive the "Quota and Size Properties for DAV  
Collections" draft because:
(a) I think quotas are useful and
(b) I knew that Apple had done the wrong thing by using quota and  
quotaused in the DAV: namespace and I want to correct that problem as  
quickly as possible.

So... I'm asking forgiveness and asking that the new names don't  
conflict with those Apple already uses. As I noted in an earlier  
message, we fully plan to support the new properties as soon as it  
looks like they are fully defined and won't change.

By the way, you'll find the same problem with the non-standard  
properties defined by Microsoft including DAV:ishidden which has been  
recently discussed on this mailing list [1].

Does anyone else have any non-standard properties in the DAV: namespace  
to pull out of their closets? It would be nice to know about them now  
rather than later when there's a conflict.

- Jim

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