RE: ETags, was: Issues from Interop/Interim WG Meeting

> If a server that complies to RFC2518 doesn't comply to RFC2518bis,
> we've broken the IETF publication process, haven't we?

I don't think that's necessarily true.  I checked with my local IAB
member, and we don't think it's forbidden to upgrade a standard from
Proposed Standard to Draft Standard, even if in the process the standard
becomes somewhat more stringent in what constitutes compliance from
implementations. (He says particularly if the requirement is a SHOULD
now.)  It's a difficult judgement call, and one must weigh the
interoperability concerns of both making and not making the change. But
in principle, it's not forbidden. 

Our ADs will certainly weigh in on this when we've hashed it out more
amongst ourselves, but in the meantime we shouldn't have to restrict
ourselves rigidly in this matter.


Received on Wednesday, 18 September 2002 14:53:16 UTC