RE: Links to latest bis working docs

I agree with Julian.  Since the consensus of the working group
was to reject the Translate header approach (for the reasons
Julian mentions, and others), I believe it should not be introduced
in the revised document, and definitely should not be characterized as an
"interoperable solution".


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Just two comments on:

1.1       Source property
The Source property has not had interoperability demonstrated, but messages
to the list support keeping some way of retrieving the source of
dynamically-generated Web pages.  An interoperable solution exists (the
Microsoft Translate header) but has received rejection on the list due to
its lack of support for dynamically-generated resources with multiple source

- the Translate header violates RFC2616 which explicitly says that variant
handling is *not* supposed to switch between "getting the source" and
"executing a script"

- the actual implementation in IIS breaks RFC2616 in that it doesn't list
"Translate" as request header on which the GET result varies.

Regards, Julian

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I promised yesterday I'd put up links to the most recent work-in-progress.
Sometime after the Interop, I'll be doing the real formatted draft thing of

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