RE: Issue: URI_URL, proposed changes

So how can you in any sense "use the URI to effectively
author the resource" (which you agree below is the purpose of
the DAV:dst field) if you can't even locate the resource
identified by the URI?


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> It appears below that Julian and I agree on most aspects of
> this issue, with the only remaining question being "what kind
> of URI should be placed in a DAV:dst field".
> I believe that the answer will always be somewhat vague, and
> of the form "a URI that the user can effectively use to
> author (i.e. modify the content of) the resource".

Yes, that's vague, and I don't think this is a problem.

> In order to author a resource via the DAV:dst URI,
> minimally, you have to locate the resource (i.e. the

I don't agree that it's a requirement that the resource being referred to
must be authorable. For a server, it's almost impossible to decide which
kinds of URIs are useful to an authoring client. So I wouldn't restrict them
at all.

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