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Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 21:12:30 -0500
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You're right, the full path must be given. A client can choose to provide
the functionality you describe though. DAV4J does this.

ruebe@aachen.heimat.de (Christian Scholz)@w3.org on 12/28/99 07:45:41 PM

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Just a little question regarding the COPY method:

Under UNIX I can do the following:

cp myfile.txt /new/path/

which is the same as

cp myfile.txt /new/path/myfile.txt

(assuming that the destination file does not exist already).

Are such Destinations allowed for DAV also or do clients always
have to provide the full path and not end with a collection which
should act as new parent collection.
As I understand the standard the full URI must be given (thus meaning
cp myfile.txt /new/path/myfile.txt).

Is this right?

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