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IBM DAV4J available on alphaworks

From: <jamsden@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 09:25:59 -0400
To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org, ietf-dav-versioning@w3.org
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   IBM is pleased to announce the availability of WebSphere DAV4J on   
   alphaworks at http://alphaworks/tech/DAV4J.                         
   WebSphere DAV4J, with Apache 1.3.6 and WebSphere AppServer 2.0.2,   
   provides full a WebDAV class 1 and 2 web authoring server. The      
   DAV4J architecture encapsulates WebDAV semantics in a distributed   
   object model implemented in Java. The architecture treats HTTP as   
   one of many supported wire-level protocols for marshalling          
   arguments and invoking methods on distributed objects. The DAV4J    
   client API provides Java client applications with a simple, rich    
   interface for accessing resources managed by a WebDAV server. Using 
   this API, client applications are relieved from managing the        
   details of low level HTTP communication protocol, constructing and  
   parsing XML request and response entity bodies, and the             
   complexities of the WebDAV semantics. This API provides functional  
   scalability as proposed extensions are added to WebDAV.             
   DAV4J includes a servlet that with WebSphere AppServer extends the  
   Apache Web server, and other web servers, with the WebDAV protocol. 
   This servlet acts as an HTTP-based Object Request Broker for        
   servicing distributed object requests through HTTP using WebDAV     
   extensions. The DAV4J server architecture supports the ability to   
   transparently access many underlying repository managers using a    
   single, open, standard protocol: WebDAV.                            
   This DAV4J release provides:                                        
        A Java servlet that along with WebSphere AppServer enables DAV 
        class 1 and 2 methods in the Apache and other Web servers. The 
        Apache Web server can be configured so that some URLs can be   
        handled either directly by the Apache server without WebDAV    
        methods while other URLs are handled by the DAV4J servlet with 
        WebDAV methods. This allows a single Apache server to be both  
        a production and authoring server on different resource        
        Protocol independent (not just WebDAV) communication between   
        client and server applications including support for http:,    
        rmi:, and local access (same process). Support for iiop: will  
        be provided in a future release. Local access, i.e., no remote 
        procedure calls, is used if the host name in the URL is the    
        local host and no port is specified.                           
        A high-level, object-oriented interface capturing the WebDAV   
        semantics that can interface with any WebDAV compliant server. 
        The ability to access multiple back end repository managers    
        using a single, common, standard, simple protocol: WebDAV.     
        This release includes a repository manager based on the file   
        system. There is also support for the NetObjects Authoring     
        Server available from NetObjects. Future releases will include 
        support for the TeamConnection family of repository managers.  
        Platform independent, 100% pure Java portability.              
   This release of DAV4J contains the IBM DAV4J client API, the DAV4J  
   servlet, and the file system repository manager. By changing a few  
   simple properties, the WebSphere AppServer can be configured to     
   support the WebDAV methods in the Apache Web server, or many other  
   Web servers capable of executing servlets including the IBM         
   WebSphere Test Environment that is part of VisualAge/Java. WebDAV   
   is described in the IETF draft specification                        
   DAV4J is intended to provide a reference implementation of WebDAV   
   in a language, architecture, and development environment that       
   facilitates exploration of both WebDAV semantics and proposed       
   extensions. This will facilitate early adoption of WebDAV and       
   provide a platform for implementation exploration and feedback to   
   the WebDAV working groups. DAV4J is not intended to be a production 
   web authoring server at this time. Future plans include support for 
   advanced collections, access control, versioning, parallel          
   development, configuration management, and searching. We are also   
   working on plans to open-source DAV4J in order to facilitate        
   exploration with WebDAV outside IBM.                                
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