Re: Fragment identifiers in data URIs

>> data:<h1>%20id=%22FOO%22>ABC</h1>#FOO

> No, it's not undefined. But yes, RFC 2397 really needs an
update to
> align it with RFC 3986.

Thanks for the
answer. With undefined I mean "this string is not something, that's
defined in RFC 2397". Apart from that, could you point me to any
normative statement about "#" in data URIs? (I've got the
impression from RFC 3986, that "data" in 2397 could be aligned
with "hier-part" in 3986, which'd allow query parts and fragment
identifiers, but I'm not sure, if that's the correct way to read it.)

> That's a bug in Chrome. See

Thanks for pointing me to that report!


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