Re: Fragment identifiers in data URIs

On 2013-07-18 16:19, Manuel Strehl wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to find documentation about fragment identifiers for data URIs,
> but haven't discovered any so far. RFC 2397 seems to be quiet about the
> very possibility to have such identifiers. It's only noting, that "data"
> is specified as "uric" from 2396 (which happens to exclude "#").
> Therefore it seems, the behavior of this is undefined:
> data:<h1>%20id=%22FOO%22>ABC</h1>#FOO

No, it's not undefined. But yes, RFC 2397 really needs an update to 
align it with RFC 3986.

> I tested Firefox and Chrome, and both react differently, Firefox cutting
> off the data: URI at the hash, Chrome just outputting it and the the rest.

That's a bug in Chrome. See 

 > ...

Best regards, Julian

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