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> >> What exactly is broken with the system?
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> > Getting consensus on a new URI scheme is hard. The registry also doesn't reflect reality (more unregistered schemes than registered). For example, I don't know what is going on with the about: scheme but it seems to take a long time for something that seems simple.
> 1) Yes it is. (I consider that a feature).

The bug is: going around the registry is easier than going thru it.
i.e. the cost of registering a scheme outweighs the benefits
in almost all cases. :-/

It's not like DNS where until you arrange for the powers
that be to map your names to IP addresses, things don't work.

Eran, you wrote
  "take a look at the list of unregistered schemes - it's LONG"

Did you have a particular list in mind? If there _is_ such
thing as _the_ list, that's a good thing; i.e. conflicts
are being managed, to some extent.

My sense is: there is no one good list. I hear there are hundreds
of unregistered URI schemes in various operating systems
and applications; I expect there is overlap.

I used to maintain one. Then I delegated to a wiki

Meanwhile, wikipedia has quite a good list too:

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