Re: fb: URIs?

The registry is not an enforcement mechanism.  It's there to help developers who 
want to be good cooperative citizens of the Web and Internet.  And this thread 
is evidence that it's false that no one (as opposed to not everyone) reads it.

I agree about accommodating use-cases, but for that we need discussion (as 
opposed to unilaterial id-space squatting), and that seems to have been lacking 
until now.


Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote:
> And put it in the registry no one reads? If you want to stop people from abusing the system, you need to either fix the system or accommodate their use case (i.e. work with them, not against them).
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>> Julian Reschke wrote:
>>> Apple is well known for using URIs for things they arent't designed
>>> for,
>>> *and* then (consequently?) not registering them (itms and ical come to
>>> mind).
>>> The real question here is: what can we do to educate them?
>> Maybe someone else makes a provisional registration with a big scary health
>> with a link to (say) a TAG finding explaining why)?
>> #g

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