Re: policy question on URI specs (from sms: discussion)

Erik Wilde wrote

> btw, for the schemeProtocols finding (another one i discovered recently) 

> it might be interesting to look at one of the examples in the sms draft:

Thank you!  I will add that to my notes.  I should say that further work 
on the schemePrototocols finding is on hold for the immediate future.  I 
still think it's a very important topic, and one around which there is a 
lot of confusion and disagreement.  I undertook it starting 3 years ago 
when I was a new TAG member, and after 3 redraftings didn't feel I was on 
a path to the sort of consensus that would support putting out a finding. 
How much of that failure traces to my lack of personal depth on the issues 
when I started vs. how much traces to a deeper lack of consensus in the 
community isn't entirely clear, though I think both are significant 
factors.  I'll note the link above as a reference should we decide to get 
back to it.  Thanks!


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