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JavaScript implementation of RFC 3986 / STD 66 URI ref resolution

From: Mike Brown <mike@skew.org>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 09:07:30 -0700 (MST)
Message-Id: <200701041607.l04G7UML082453@chilled.skew.org>
To: uri@w3.org

Someone, perhaps from this list, was talking to me a while back about a 
JavaScript implementation of RFC 3986 sec. 5.2 (URI reference resolution to 
absolute form) and the subtask of splitting a URI ref into its major 
components.  IIRC they were basing it on my implementation in 4Suite (Python)
and they had to work around some cross-browser RegExp engine issues.

I've just come across a need for a JavaScript implementation, myself, and have 
run into those same issues. It's one of those "works great in Firefox, too bad 
about IE" situations, although I'm pretty sure I can work around it.  I'd like 
to draw upon prior art, though, if possible.  Google turns up nothing offhand. 
Anyone have a working-in-IE JavaScript implementation I could take a look at?

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