Re: FYI: fresh news-nntp-uri drafts

Nicolas Krebs wrote:

> Do you think that news: and news://server.example/ should be allowed ?

Hi, I've submitted -02 a few hours ago, until it's published you can
see an "unofficial" preview at

Among lots of other modifications:

|     newsgroups      = *( group-char / pct-encoded / "*" )

That was 1*, now it can be empty.

|   Examples, the first two are equivalent:
|       news://news.server.example/*
|       news://news.server.example/

Added 2nd example.

|   the specified or default server.  Some user agents support only a
|   specific <group> without wildcards, or an optional single "*".

Added "optional".

|   o  Removed the dubious _1_ at the begin of the <newsgroups> rule
|      based on an observation by Nicolas Krebs.

Document history, acknowledgments, the works.


Received on Sunday, 5 November 2006 22:12:13 UTC