Re: some questions about RFC3986

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> I'm trying to understand how section 4.4 of  
> applies to XMLHttpRequest. Specifically, I'm having trouble with the  
> following things:
> * What does the "should" entail (no conformance critera, RFC2119, etc.);
> * Definition of classes of products;
> * "retrieval action" seems undefined.

RFC 3986 / STD 66 is just saying that there is a class of URI refs that
are considered "same-document" refs, and applications that make use of
representations of documents containing such refs should take that into

For example, if you've got a byte string obtained from's web
server as a representation of the resource,
and that string contains a URI ref like "./somefile.html" or "#foo", then any
dereference that you do on that ref should lead you to that very byte string,
or some portion thereof. You should not expect that a new representation (a
new, separate byte string) would be sought to fulfill that dereference, though
it wouldn't be breaking any rules to do so.

What are you encountering in the behavior of XHR that's causing you concern?

Received on Thursday, 2 November 2006 21:55:21 UTC