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Another comment:

This draft says:
| For Windows shares, there is an additional "/" prepended to the name.
|   Thus, the file "example.doc" on the shared directory "department"
|   would have the URL:
|   file:////department/example.doc

If you are talking about UNC paths like \\server\department\example.doc 
Translating to file://server/department/example.doc works fine on Windows as
well as file:////server/department/example.doc.
But I think it should be clarified since windows shares has usually
host/share/path segments.


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>         Title           : The file URI Scheme
>         Author(s)       : P. Hoffman
>         Filename        : draft-hoffman-file-uri-03.txt
>         Pages           : 6
>         Date            : 2005-1-3

This draft says:

| On systems running some versions of Microsoft Windows, the
| local drive specification is sometimes preceded by a "/"
| character.  Thus,  for a file called "example.ini" in the
| "windows" directory on the "c:" drive, the URL might be:
| file:///c:/windows/example.ini

That's also true for OS/2, incl. my IBM OS/2 Warp 3, which has
nothing to do with Microsoft.  For some obscure reasons Lynx
insists on an explicit file://localhost/ instead of file:/// -
Lynx interprets the latter as some kind of ftp: URL (claiming
that this is a Mosaic feature, please don't ask me what's that
about, I've no idea ;-)
                           Bye, Frank

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