Re: Comments on draft-saintandre-xmpp-uri-04.txt

On Sep 28, 2004, at 12:26 AM, Martin Duerst wrote:

>> > - In 2.4.1, I think it might help readers to explain that the
>> >   first few steps of "XMPP handling" are similar e.g. to HTTP
>> >   authentication, whereas the later steps are similar to what
>> >   happens e.g. in the case of a 'mailto:' scheme.
>> >   [I hope I got this right; I think when I was asking in my
>> >    previous comments about what's really going on, I was trying
>> >    to find out how the stanza would be composed from data in
>> >    the URI, but that's not what's happening, similar to the
>> >    plain use of mailto:, where the user has to compose the
>> >    message before actually sending the mail.]
>> It strikes me that this is more appropriate for a document such as the
>> promised XMPP Implementation Guidelines.
> I guess I have to disagree on this one: An URI scheme definition
> is not only a definition of syntax, but also a definition of
> semantics. And helping the reader understand that is quite
> relevant in the document at hand.

I've added some text about this to my working copy.

>> Once I finish further text adjustments and add the internationalized
>> domain names to the examples, I will submit a revised version of this
>> specification to the Secretariat.
> Looking forward to it.

Actually I had already submitted draft-saintandre-xmpp-uri-05:

I will post a separate message regarding the query component of XMPP 


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