Re: Are we done with draft-hoffman-ftp-uri-02.txt?

Alun Jones scripsit:

> Did you check the commands going over the wire,

No.  When I say "conformant", I mean that the results are conformant,
not necessarily the method used.

> or just the effect of whether it could, or could not, fetch the file?

Depending on the behavior, it will actually fetch one of two different
files, locally known as /ftptest.txt and /export/home/stamber/ftptest.txt.
I urge people to try the URI, which I repeat here, with various different
tools: .

> I posted some results earlier about what I found when testing, and at
> that time, Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape all behaved just like Internet
> Explorer.  Netscape and Mozilla have behaved that way for, oh, about the
> last decade, having copied the behaviour over from NCSA Mosaic.

Well, FWIW, K-Meleon 0.8.2 (which is based on Mozilla 1.5) shows
the same behavior as Firefox: conformant.  I don't know what versions
of Netscape and Mozilla you were looking at.

> Thanks for noting that there are other FTP clients out there that handle
> FTP URIs - I had only seen the browsers' behaviour to date, and it's
> interesting to note that there are other FTP clients out there that may
> be behaving differently.

Here's everything I've looked at so far:

IE for XP SP2           GUI browser             non-conformant
Firefox 1.0rc1          GUI browser             conformant
K-Meleon 0.8.2          GUI browser             conformant
Lynx 2.8.5dev.16        character browser       non-conformant
w3m 0.5.1               character browser       non-conformant
ELinks 0.9.1            character browser       non-conformant
NcFTPGet 3.1.7          FTP fetcher             conformant
wget 1.9                FTP/HTTP fetcher        conformant
curl 7.11.1             FTP/HTTP fetcher        conformant
ftpcopy 0.6.2           FTP fetcher             non-conformant

> This sucks for two groups of people:

Exactly so.

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