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URNs and URIs

From: Larry Masinter <LMM@acm.org>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 22:52:25 -0700
To: uri@w3.org, urn-nid@lists.verisignlabs.com
Cc: leslie@thinkingcat.com, thiemann@acm.org
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I've come to a new opinion about the role of URN namespaces
and URI schemes. My new opinion is that URN namespaces
should be used exactly for 'naming authority assignment' schemes,
nothing else, and for all of them.

While permanent assignment is a desirable property, it is not

Other schemes for naming which do not require a namespace
authority to assign a name (such as 'hash') should instead
register new URI schemes. Those that are not of sufficient
interest to the internet community, or that don't want to
describe their schemes, should use 'vnd-' or 'org-'.

For URN namespaces, the namespace name should accurately
identify the organization doing the assignment completely

I think this is a consistent and meaningful policy that
removes some of the ambiguity over the URN/URI choice.

So, for example:

doi:, info:, hdl:
   These should all be URN namespaces (but with
   more appropriate names)

  This should be a URI scheme (like data).

tdb: and duri:
  These should be URI schemes, not URN namespaces

  I think 'tag:' fits more as a URN scheme, but I'm
  not sure. The naming authority is definitely the
  email address / domain name owner.

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