Use of URN by Microsoft

Dear URI/URN specialists,

As a non computer expert (who is however interested by URN issues as our 
international network submitted a specific URN RFC (1) ), I would like 
to have your opinions about the use of the URN scheme by the Microsoft 
company in the latest versions of its operating systems and software 
applications (Word...).

Do you think it is compatible with the existing Internet standardization 

According to our colleagues from the computer department, all URN 
"calls" made in such a framework by non Microsoft applications enter 
into contradictory relationships with the "native" Microsoft URNs thus 
bringing the system to a halt...

Any comments?

Thanking you in advance,

Pierre Godefroy
Assistant to the Director
ISSN International Centre

20 rue Bachaumont,
75002 Paris, FRANCE
TEL: +33 (0)1 FAX: +33 (0)1

(1) RFC 304

    IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). Using The ISSN
    (International Serial Standard Number) as URN (Uniform Resource
    Names) within an ISSN-URN Namespace
<> ed. S. Rozenfeld. 2001.


Received on Tuesday, 25 September 2001 12:39:15 UTC