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That someone was me.  :-)  Microsoft is very interested in the work of
this group (which is why I'm involved).  I second Rich's encouragement
for folks to make comments on Larry's well-written draft.  The time to
get this sort of process and structure in place is NOW, while we're
still at least slightly ahead of the curve.  

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>As someone trying to get some new URL schemes through the process, I think
>defining this process is very important.  And, as I think someone pointed
>out at the San Jose BOF, companies are more likely to follow a
>standradization process if it is well-defined.  Right now we have people
>and companies creating and using non-standard URL schemes without much
>attention being paid to consistency and interoperability.
>I think it would be worth scheduling a meeting in memphis to discuss the
>I-D and plan a roadmap mor completing this process.
>     Dan
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