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URL Process List

From: Rich Petke <R.PETKE@csi.compuserve.com>
Date: 13 Feb 97 10:53:56 EST
To: URI <uri@bunyip.com>
Message-Id: <CSI_6310-120121@CompuServe.COM>

Last month I announced the availability of a list (ietf-url@imc.org) for the
discussion of the PROCESS  related to the development of new new URL schemes.
The idea was to keep these discussions (and any WG that forms out of these
discussions) separate from the issues related to advancing the existing URL RFCs
to draft status.

To date only 28 people have subscribed to ietf-url@imc.org.

Larry Masinter started the ball rolling by publishing an I-D for a proposed
process BUT there has been very little discussion on the draft or on the topic
as a whole.

The key question that has to be asked is:  Is there still interest in the URI
community for developing this process document?

If yes, we need to move forward with a charter.  If not, we can always find
something else to do with our time and not have to worry about scheduling in

Rich Petke (r.petke@csi.compuserve.com)
Received on Thursday, 13 February 1997 10:55:30 UTC

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